ANOTHER HELL, if you haven’t heard of them, is a Swedish groove/death metal band. They are fucken killing it! But more than just kick-arse music, Another Hell is a band with a message, both political and environmental.

Frontman Krille took time out of his busy-as-hell schedule for a quick Feej Q&A.

The world at the moment is totally in turmoil. We have sit-ins in cities, “occupying” them against the current capitalist system, we have mega protests in Egypt, we have the South African press clamping down on freedoms. As an artist whose philosophy centres around these issues, what are your current thoughts about the situation(s)?

Well it’s a clear sign that something is truly fucked up. Even those who are against these actions cant ignore this situation anymore. The capitalist system that we have today only makes a society where one group has everything. The second group strives to get into the first group. And there is a third group whose options are so limited that these kinds of actions are the only way for them to get heard.

The scary thing with this system is that you keep the first two groups so satisfied that when it’s voting time, they are collectively bigger than the third group. Thus they are unable to change things.

Restricting the press, well ya dont have to be Einstein to figure that shit is utterly wrong. It can only mean that someone has done something so bad that they need to cover their shit up.

Are the protests and occupying sit-ins going to help things do you think? Is the world fucked beyond repair?

I still believe humanity lives amongst the majority of mankind. There are days when I feel that revolution is the only way out. But I mainly believe that through friendly activities, actions and agitation we can come to the same results.

Do you believe that artists like ANOTHER HELL can help things? Will people simply go “oh yeah another political band”?

Sure, we might end up under that kind of ‘band labeling’ and thinking. But just thinking that has made you fucking analyze us: and right there we have made some type of impact. Can we make things better? Hm, shit, all artists must believe! We are like the occupy actions but in musical form. And perhaps less organized! ha-ha

How do you see yourselves making a difference?

Oh shit, tough one. This is perhaps making a difference. Hopefully someone reads this and starts questioning his or her situation.

You guys are currently moving towards recording your debut LP. Does world politics affect your writing? Will the next album be more full-on, more angsty?

We wont tone it down. But whether it will gain clarity or specifics is hard to answer. Very few lyrics are written right now. We will always focus on injustice and things that are fucking up humanity and our environment.

Lots of bands at the moment are writing and producing music about the New World Order, about one world governments, about failures of politics, about failures of the monetary system. Bands like Jon Schaeffer’s projects Iced Earth and Sons of Liberty, for example. What makes ANOTHER HELL any different? IS there a difference in your message and how you deliver it?

First off, it’s awesome that more bands and artists are addressing this matter. I think it’s the essence and the fucking meaning of Rock N Roll to deal with this shit. Sadly, for a long time artists of the Rock genre have taken the easy way out and done SHIT EASY NO-HEART MUSIC. Well at least in my book.

Maybe thats where we have gone wrong, not packaging our stuff in a more easy listening package! ha-ha!

The joking aside, we dont think about that and do not try to think about it. We do it the way our hearts tell us to do it.

If you could tell the people struggling in nations worldwide right now ONE THING… what would it be?

Shit I’m thinking here… .. Ok here we go!:

1. If you feel that something is wrong then something truly is wrong.

2. If you know that everybody on this planet is equally important, start telling them that.

3. If you believe that we can change this system, then by reading this you know that you are not alone!

4. If you think you should do something about it then do just that take actions.

Top 5 political songs of all time?

The Internationale

“Stand up, damned of the Earth

Stand up, prisoners of starvation”

Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen (Cant do this and not fuckin mention them)

“God save the queen

The fascist regime”

- Gojira (Take ya own pick)

Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade

“Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes

Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal”

Blå Tåget – Den ena handen vet vad den andra gör (Swedish progg)

Broken Neck Radio
Its another edition of "10 Questions with..." this week its Jim Edström bass player for Another Hell!!

1) How long have you been playing your instrument
I started playing the bass when I was 11, so 15 years give or take!

2) At what age did you start listening to Metal
I remember being in the first grade, I was a snotnosed 7 year old who had found a Guns 'n Roses CD in his older sister's room, the Use your Illusion album. A few days later I was telling my friends at school about the hardcore band I had discovered when a big and strong third grader told me Metallica was much better. Being at a young and impressionable age I dug upp a cousin who owned Ride the Lightning, and when the Fight Fire with Fire main riff started I was hooked for life :)

3) Which Band or Bands introduced you to Heavy Metal
I listened solely to Metallica for years and years until I was introduced to Machine Head!

4) What are some of your favourite Metal Band
I have a weak spot for groove metal with driving bass drums, Fear Factory is one of my absolute favourite bands. Other bands that make my head bang are deathier groups like Intr0naut and Abysmal Dawn. I'm weak for music where the drummer gets to blast the bass drum until you think either the drum or his feet are about to explode :)

5) In your opinion which Metal band is the true Grandfather of Heavy Metal
That's a tough question, but you can't talk about the grandfathers of metal without mentioning Black Sabbath. I also like Deep Purple and think they should have a little credit for co-inventing the new genre.

6) Are there any other Genres or sub-genres set apart from your current style of music that you listen to personally.( if i was to look in your IPOD library what would we find)
I absolutely love Pink Floyd, if you were to check my music library you'd find a lot of Pink Floyd and other progressive rock, but also some reggae and some fusion. As a bass player, the non-metal music I tend to listen to is that which is a challenge to play on bass!

7) Was your choice of instrument, influenced in anyway by possible band postioning? (IE choose drums because you didn’t want to be up front)
I started playing the bass because I had seen a gig with some of the local legends at a young age, and it looked so fun to play the bass! No pick, just fingers! So I didn't have any thoughts about what it would be like to get a spot in a band in the future but in retrospect I feel I chose the right instrument. Bass players are few and far between, so I've never even had to ask people if they need a bass player, they just look me up instead. Perfect if you're a lazy bum like I am!

8) How would you best describe your music and who are your influences
Wow, you know it's really tough to describe your own music. We kinda just play what we think sounds good and I personally don't think about what it sounds like. I've heard people comparing us to DevilDriver and Machine Head among other bands. It's a groove metal base, with sprinkles of death- and black metal groinkicks, sludge breakdowns and general mayhem? Krille is the one thinking up most riffs so the influences are what he's into at the moment. I can't speak for the rest of the guys but I tend to want to put bits 'n pieces of Fear Factory in new riff ideas, much to Samu's dismay!

9) What do you like or dislike about playing a live show?
I absolutely love the energy that flows, both from the band on stage and the audience. I view going to a concert as being more about the visual than the audio. When I go to see a band live, sure, I'm happy if they play their songs flawlessly with perfect sound quality, but if they have to do it on the expense of the stage show (ie standing perfectly still and just hammering out perfect notes) I tend to lose interest. I think people go to see a band to do just that, SEE the band. I care less if they don't hit every note as long as they are entertaining to watch on stage.

10) Lastly what is the most F!cked up thing you have ever seen or experienced at a live show you have performed.
I remember playing most of a concert with the bass unplugged :D I don't have any stories from Another Hell gigs yet because we haven't even had time to do any shows what with rebooting the band and forging a whole new set of songs. I'm looking forward to doing some live shows with AH so I get some awesome gig stories from us too!

Alternative Matter

On the heels of the release of Another Hell’s EP Drowning in Dirt, the band took the time to talk with Alternative Matter about the album, Sweden and much more.

Hi Guys, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Lets start off with a quick history of the band for our audience.

Another Hell is quite new (2010,) however the base half of the four man band started sometime in the 90′s, around 1993/94 under the name of Aqua – Head. Real active for a few years but members started moving etc and the band faded in to a sleep.

Then in 2004 Krille felt a real urge to create music again, so he contacted the drummer and childhood friend Samu and started riffing out some punk/thrash stuff more or less for fun. Shortly after this, Jim entered the band filling it out with some massive low-end finger cracking on bass and a whole lot started to change.

The trio did a few gigs together and started to search for a fourth lad that could back shit up and do some guitar leads! Enter Olof! Now shit really started to happen! We started to write some real brutal stuff, molding a new sound. With that shit happening we all felt that we had to retire our old workhorse Aqua – Head and start something new together! So down in a basement with carpets all over the floor and a tight space packed with all kinds of shit Another Hell was born.

Does living on Northern Sweden present any unique challenges for your
musical career?

Not really! The music scene is ok and there’s a fair amount of places to play at.
Distance has to be one of the real challenges! But hey, Sweden is a logistical nightmare! Long and narrow country, makes shit really spread out over vast distances.

What led you to rust metal and how do you get inspiration?

I think we all have our pools of inspiration, but being that Krille is the man behind most riff ideas, he gets shitloads of energy and inspiration when fishing, playing with the kids or when the radio plays Gaga for the 7th time, that’s when he gets the insparation to spread the gospel of Another Hell. Other times it just starts out as a warm-up riff which sounds killer and we use that as a foundation for a new song, like the case with the opener track for Drowning in Dirt, Redemption.

Speaking of inspiration who are your biggest influences on your music?

Now here we have wildly different shit that influences us. We’re spread out over a broad range agewise so we have a really wide range of preferences and influences. It’s anything from Jerry Reed to Dimmu Borgir and Robyn (Samu diggs this chick!)! Classical thrash has a part in creating new material, stuff like Slayer and Metallica. The interesting parts come from mixing all of this together so we get a more modern groovy feel that’s brutal!

I am a big fan of artwork as being a big part of the release, who did your artwork and where did the inspiration for that art come from?

ARTWORKDUDE! Hahaha yeah we are so fucking glad to have cool and talented brute-heads helping us out! Robin Molander creates the shit outta us with cool stuff almost every week. As the EP goes, it’s a duo where Robin and our own Jim made that shit happen. Rob does the lineart and Jim helps with design.

The inspiration, well, thats quite easy. We are all drowning in mass produced SHIT! People today own more things than they can handle and we all spend too much money on low priced stuff that was created to break. Or just to kill ya neighbour with some new and awesome heavy duty, pricy, cool stuff to make em all envy!

Not to mention rich countries using up important resources, not giving a shit about what’s going on over at the poor side! The mentality seems to be as long as they make our shit at a low price it’s all fine and dandy Look-how-successful-I-am-ville. That shit is insane.

What are your current tour plans – I know that the US is probably a distant point on your horizon but do you have any current plans in your homeland in the rest of Europe?

Plans are being made with a band from our region, we can’t give anymore details right now but let’s say they kick alot of death metal ass! We are not talking Europe yet, mainly Sweden. But hey, WE are all for a tour in Europe, that would rock! US might be a distant dream but without dreams we would never have started to play in the first place!

Talking of plans do you have a target date for a full length release or is that still in the works?

End date no! We will start recording some basic stuff on October 28th and mold this album with more care and finess, that’s our goal anyway. So right now we can’t see when it’s all done but we will do the best we can to make it happen fast!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the state of metal in your homeland? How is metal regarded in your music industry?

The metal industry is big and highly thought of around here. We feel like saying something about the industry itself, but lets not make this a complaining interview!

Time for the final question and feel free to add to anything else, what do you guys do for relaxation, any hobbies?

Jim likes to go hiking alone in the forest for weeks!
Samu has a big sauna in his garden which he loves!
Olof likes to spend time with his family in the Swedish mountains!
Krille, fuck, give him a free minute and he will relax the shit out of that minute!

Metal Dad Australia
Mr Krille from Another Hell talks beaches, beers and Evil Dead

Hi Krille,

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to thrash talk!

Have you or the band ever been to Australia? What do you like think about Australia?

Sadly no one from the AH family has been to Australia but there is a lot of
places I would like to see down under, towns, beaches, animals and people like yourself.
How would you best describe you style of music?

When mixing groove thrash death and punk with some melodic shit then it's close to
what the AH style is all about.
But I think it's more to it then that!
When I think about it, we have not gotten band labeled telling us we sound like that or this band.
People has described us as a groove metal band with Devil Driver-esque tones mixed
with Machine-Head even putting us in the death ´n roll genre.
The esque and Machine-Head part I think is the only time I've seen another band mentioned in
the same breath as Another Hell.

As a band you cover some very strong topics, lyrically. What's the
message you are trying to get a cross?

Yeah we all feel some strong shit about how the world keeps turning the
wrong way. I´m more of a crazy idealist then my lads so in AH we have settled for a
message thats close to all of our hearts and that is over consumption, greed,
welfare, environment and modern slavery!
Shit I know we ain't gonna change the world, but if we just make one person wake up then our mission is a success!

Who were you musical hero's, as a kid?

It think it was fucking Elvis that first opened my eyes for rock at a very
young age and then through Sabbath and the other 70's rockers I found
Mr James Hetfield and that dude has created some of the worlds
greatest and mind blowing riffs. So there ya have it!

What's the band doing at the moment?

Shit we are at the beginning of our LP production so now everything is fun
and happy times (all people that makes music know this shit ain't gonna last).
Writing and composing and soon we will make some pre-tracks to start and
analyze the new red thread in this AH production. It's always fun at the beginning of
a production but in the end everyone are kinda fed up with the tracks and shit.

What w ould you be doing if you were not in a band?

Hopefully the same I´m doing right now, uphold and better the working
conditions to workers. You gotta guess the rest m/

Who's the funniest band member?

Haha they are so fucking funny all of them!
If I have to choose one of them (I rather not but I will)
then it´s Samu, we grew up together and share the same fucked
up humor. Jim and Olof is truly on the same fucked up page and are as full of
it, so anyone of them really could be the funniest one!

Beer or wine?

I´m a sucker for real dark beer, and the only good thing that's a result
from religion has to be Trappist beer!

Who's your favorite horror movie character?

Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams - Evil Dead, what a fucking hero!
Just writing this makes me wanna seem all again.
- Someone's in my fruit cellar, someone with a fresh soul!!
Can ya dig it!!

What's the best way for people to find your music?

Well Spotify and iTunes are pretty big stuff and it's all there.
Our latest release Capitol Hill is not on there yet
but it will be soon. On our web page all brute-heads can stream all of our