We Say :-
So this is rust metal then ? The Swedes describe their sound as a falling
somewhere between groove metal and sludge, but to these old and knackered ears the most
immediately obvious comparison is to good old fashioned Thrash. However you want to label
this there’s no denying that there is an incredible level of energy and aggression here,
an aural assault that pins you to the seat and leaves you battered and bruised…

The vocal performance is something worth mentioning too, a gravelly growling delivery which
underscores an impressive musical talent. It’s not a performance that ever takes the
easy way out by getting needlessly extreme, if that makes sense. I guess that more than
anything it reminds me of a downtuned Chuck Billy, which fits the thrash overtones of Another Hell‘s
metal to perfection.

The opening soundbite to Redemption sets the whole scene neatly, an extract from President Trumans’s
announcement that “The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima”, before the band drop a bomb of their
own with some crushing, heavy riffs and an awesome delivery of full-force melodic, intelligent metal.
Over the course of the 5 tracks that go to make up this release things just never let up, even the slower
bits only serving to set you up for the next onslaught.

Keep an eye out for Another Hell, if this E.P. is anything to go by the
upcoming full length album will be magnificent…

Metal Dad Australia
What is "groove metal"? Well, I believe it's a term that stems from the early Pantera days,
when they called their style "power groove"! "Groove metal" is something that
Another Hell launch by the ton on their debut EP "Drowning In Dirt".
This album is unashamably metal, great big, heavy riffs, a chugging bass, heavy all
round drum and "Krille's" vocals that are at time very reminicent of Dez Fafara,
all mix to create a very catchy, yet unique sound.

"Redemption" and "Face The Consequences" have a uniquely "urgent" tone to the main riff
which I found myself walking around replaying over and over again in my head,
while "Last Chocking Breath" and "Watch It All Burn" are pure "groove metal".

"Drowning In Dirt" is a great effort and I hope a beginning of some big things to come,
if you like your metal with plenty of soul, groove and a big hook with a real message
in the song writing, then Another Hell is for you.

ThrashHead Mag
There is nothing better than getting turned onto some seriously friggen kick arse music by happenstance...no labels, no word of mouth, just by pure chance. This is exactly one of those instances.
Another Hell, formerly known as Aqua-head, is a Swedish band who describes themselves as being "rust metal" which they define as "a progressive mix of sludge and groove metal". Though I can hear a bit of sludge in there through Kristoffer Englund's growls, I also hear a lot of thrash and HC flowing from Henrick Samuelsson's D/blast beats combination as well as the ripping axe work, from both Englund and Olof Gardeström and Jim Edström's heavy bass.
These guys are authentic, a band whose music does all the speaking for them. The growling vocals, which is so prevalent in various metal genres nowadays, often really turns me off an album, because the vocal style is so overused and I think a lot of musicians never realize how much talent it really takes to pull it off. This is not the case here! Singer Englund backs off just enough to make it a perfect complement to the aggression being pushed through my headphones. Also, there is a solid rhythm throughout, another thing which many bands seemed to have forgotten, speed and leads aren't the be all and end all. Rhythm has always been critical to music, it lifts the listener to not only hear but to FEEL the music as well; it would take but a few seconds of these guys before folks would be forming a pit and stage diving.
Anti-capitalist and pro environment, Another Hell isn't screeching out nonsensical b.s., the opening track "Redemption" begins with a snippet from Harry S Truman's radio address to the United States towards the end of World War II: "The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima". It's an eerie intro to say the least, but to me it had a much more powerful impact considering that was the speech which ushered in a new era in American politics where the Military Industrial Complex was the driving force behind foreign and domestic policy. Now, whether or not this is intentional, I do not know, but what follows is a overwhelming torrent of molten metal! Dig the lyrics:

"Take my life just shut it down
Bring me the rope
Holocaust like falling bricks
Days and nights so endless now
Two-faced lies and tricks

Slaves of modern time
Starve their greed and hopes for human rights

Ashes and dust we all die the same
Says I
Ashes and dust we all die the same
The cure, redeem the poor

Forced to find my way in life
Twisting the law
Redemption for a crippled whore
Try to forgive what's been done
It's no world for poor"

"Drowning In Dirt" just gets better and better, "Last Choking Breath", "Face The Consequences", "Watch It All Burn" and "Navigate To Nowhere" are each unbridled kernels of devastating aggression which is delivering its message with an assault of superb precision.
This EP is a solid offering, I find no weakness whatsoever in it, if you're into thrash, sludge, doom, hardcore, whatever, you will really dig this album because it is seemingly drawing it's inspiration from all the above; it's got it all!
This is no mere play once and walk away album, you'll soon find yourself listening to it a few times. And you know what? These guys are straight up DIY and there is absolutely NO EXCUSE not to get this EP right this very second! Why? Cause, though you can certainly buy their music via various digital delivery platforms, you can also get it for free! So, in the end, just like many of the Anarcho-punk bands we love who spread their art around without asking for a dime, they do need your support. Buy a t-shirt, buy a single track, buy the album if you have a little extra cash; hell, even just get the word out to everyone you know...just pay these guys back in any way you can, cause "Drowning In Dirt" is one fuggin' awesome album!

Anternative Matter
Myron: Another Hell is a quartet out of northern Sweden. Their self-dubbed style of music is called “rust metal” a combination of groove and sludge sounds. These four Swedes are a relatively new incarnation having re-formed in 2010 after many breaks and other band names and this is their first EP release. How will rust metal hold up on this their freshman outing?

This EP holds up very well indeed! Their overall sound is a full metal mix of thrash, and power metal elements put together in a rather progressive and creative manner. There is some tremendous guitar riffing, backed by blinding beats and bass lines with deep raspy vocals not overdone on screams or clean. This release opens with voice over about an atomic bomb followed by the atomic opening riffs of “Redemption”. These riffs and beats are in perfect timing with raw emotional intonation of Englund. There are some great drum lines and creative solos subtly placed in this opener as well, really demonstrating the musicality of Samuelsson, Edström, and Gardeström. This is not a typical riff, beat, scream, and solo band but rather has bits and pieces of all these elements in a more subtle and creative fashion that add a real air progressiveness to their sound.

The track “Face The Consequence” has some really fast and power drumming that in no way detracts from the overall beat, it is a real pleasure to hear this type of creative drumming coming out on a first EP. Subtle guitar work and emotion packed vocals complete the package on this song. In fact, through all the songs on this release there is a real feel of total commitment by Another Hell to their music, delivered with nothing but raw and driving power. The groove set on the next track, “Watch It All Burn”, is by far my personal favorite. This flow has almost a nice thrashy feel but it not quite traditional thrash, a great head banging song nonetheless.

Another Hell has really hit this one out of the park. Their self dubbed style of rust metal certainly holds that name. Power and emotion exude throughout all of the songs. Fantastic beats, riffs and vocals are delivered in sometimes frenzied time changing fashion. There are no low points to be found here, if you have never heard Another Hell go out and find their EP you will not be disappointed. This EP only leaves me wondering when and where their full length release will come.

Are you in the mood for some Thrash? How about some FREE Thrash? Then look no further than Another Hell. This bunch of Thrash-tastic (yes, I did just say that) Swedes are offering EP as a free download – all you’ve gotta do is send them an an email and they’ll send the download link your way. Click here for mre info. Marvellous!

If you’re still unsure about whether you want to take a risk on the EP (although I have no idea why you’re being indecisive – it’s FREE dammit!) then I thought I’d throw in my two cents (or pence… since I’m a Brit) on it.
“Drowning in Dirt” is a collection of 5 songs that won’t change the world, but they will make you bang your head. When listening to this EP you know that you’re not treading on new ground – Another Hell aren’t taking you to a place that no metal fan has gone before – but they are taking you to a place that a lot of metal fans like to go. A place where riffs are able to run free, a place where you can headbang until you give yourself a hefty case of whiplash and a place where you can sink a few beers. This is like Metal Utopia.
Another Hell cite their influences as Metallica and Fear Factory and, while those influences are apparent here, I also get the odd taste of Pantera and something altogether heavier (a nice little Death Metal flavour floats through the mix throughout). These guys pay homage to their roots, but they also make a point of making the genre their own.
“Redemption” kicks things off in a superbly heavy fashion, but – for me – “Last Choking Breath” is when things really get going. The driving rhythm behind this track makes it ridiculously addictive. This is currently my favourite track here.
“Face The Consequence” feels like it was made to be played live. As soon as the track starts I can easily imagine myself at a festival, banging my head with 1,000 other metalheads while Another Hell blast through this track. “Watch It All Burn” didn’t captivate me immediately, but I did find myself liking more and more with repeated listens. The EP closes with “Navigate To Nowhere” – a track that almost takes the crown from “Last Choking Breath” as my favourite track here. Almost. It’s a beast of a track that screams for your attention.
Give it a go! What have you got to lose?
Rating: 74%

Koen: “Hey there! We are Another Hell, a metal band from Sweden, founded in 2010. We play a kind of groove/thrash metal with influences ranging all the way from Fear Factory to early Metallica, trying to keep a straight line to groove metal. We sound a tiny bit like Rozenhill”. This is what I read somewhere on the internet about Another Hell.

Those who are acquainted with my writings on this website are aware of the fact that I despise everything Metallica released after ‘Ride The Lightning’ and that Fear Factory is not my favourite band at all, but luckily Another Hell doesn’t copycat any of their favourites. The band plays groovy death ‘n roll and has succeeded in crafting some above average songs. Not too original but hell if it isn’t fun. ‘Drowning In Dirt’ is the bands first effort, holds five tracks and is free of charge in digital format (mp3) including artwork. If you are interested, mail Another Hell throughfreecd@anotherhell.se and they will contact you and send you a download link with all the brutal stuff.

Rating: 72/100 (details)

Tänk dig att du var sugen på lite okomplicerad, klassisk dödsmetall av thrashigt snitt. Något i samma skola som THE HAUNTED, LOS SIN NOMBRE och ARISE, något som kunde få dig att både headbanga frenetiskt och le förnöjt över eleganta harmonier. Tänk dig att du då tar och spanar in västerbottniska ANOTHER HELL, som förutom det hittills nämnda även har behagligt mörk och grov growl på pluskontot. Då är problemet löst, och slutet ett lika lyckligt som stenhårt.