We are Another Hell, a band from Nowhere in the north of Sweden. Another Hell is Kristoffer Englund, guitar/vocals, Jim Edström, bass, Henrik "Samu" Samuelsson, percussion, and Olof Gardeström, lead guitar. We play what we've dubbed rust metal, a progressive mix of sludge and groove metal.
We just released our first EP, Drowning in Dirt.

Another Hell started out as Aqua-Head in 1994, and was comprised of Kristoffer Englund, Henrik Samuelsson, Markus Trysberg, Mattias Persson and Henrik Trysberg. Later the band took a break until 2004 when Henrik and Kristoffer decided to kickstart the band again. Jim Edström was invited to an audition and later accepted as the new bassist. The band kept the name Aqua-Head but shortly after they invited Olof Gardeström the members decided that a name change should be considered, because the music that was born under the four members' widely different preferences of metal, sounded completely different compared to the music that had been created under the old name of Aqua-Head. The band settled on the name Another Hell in 2010.

Another Hell is:

Kristoffer Englund

Henrik Samuelsson

Jim Edström

Olof Gardeström